darren_pryce-11If you are looking to hire an Australian illustrator or graphic designer for any purpose then you have come to the right place. This is your “one stop shop’ personal illustration and design service. Whether you need a Melbourne illustrator, a Sydney illustrator, Australian illustrator or have a design project and not quite sure what to do, let my 25 years experience help you.

Born in Wales, I gave up any prospect of life down in the mines when my family moved to Australia. At the tender age of 14, I joined Rupert Murdoch’s burgeoning newspaper empire as a designer come fledgling Sydney illustrator. Of course I can’t take sole credit for his success but let’s face it, no one does it alone. I worked my way through design school and dreamed of becoming a famous Australian illustrator. Sharpened my creative teeth at two world-class Victorian design studios and soon made a name for myself as a Melbourne illustrator and designer with some bite. Carved out a nice career as a retro illustrator or vintage illustrator. Sounds terribly obsolete. Guess it means I can use more than a computer. I prefer Melbourne illustrator, Australian illustrator, Sydney illustrator, retro illustrator, vintage illustrator or simply Darren Pryce… artist. My work has won many local and international awards for clients that seek an individual style and want to stand out from the clutter. And isn’t that the name of the game?. If you want to hire an illustrator or designer, why not give me a call, fill in the red box and draw on my experience!


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