Recognised as world's most versatile- Leuzer's Archive 'Best 200 Worldwide'

About me

I am an illustrator and  Art Director working between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. I have 25 years of experience in advertising, design, fine art, publishing and multi-media. I develop innovative marketing collateral for a wide spectrum of print and online media. I work closely and exclusively with quality businesses, small and large, going beyond the brief and adding value. 

I cut my creative teeth as an illustrator and designer at two of the world’s best studios: Cato Purnell & Partners and David Lancashire Design, both inductees to the Alliance Graphique Internationale, and went on to win many national and international awards. In 2008, five different styles of illustrations that I developed were selected into ‘Archive’s Best 200 Worldwide’ annual. I was also recognised as ‘the world’s most versatile’ illustrator. By 24 I was Australia’s most awarded illustrator and the first Australian to be given a full page credential in Communication Arts Annual. I have also won the top three advertising awards at the Melbourne Advertising and Design Club (MADC).

My point of difference is that I can both, come-up with breakthrough ideas and create a bespoke style of imagery just for you. When all is said and done, I can blow my own trumpet like no other. So, if you are looking for the best illustrator Sydney or maybe the best illustrator Melbourne (obligatory SEO grammar), click the contact tab and email or call me on 0406473173. Cheers!